1. Mic Cable - Premium Flexible - Black/Midnight Blue - 1ft to 100ft (Cable Microphone)


  • $ 14.00

Bodymic’s SuperFlex GOLD mic cables are 22 AWG cables.  A good quality cable is advised in any stage or studio setting with high levels of RF and EMI noise. SuperFlex GOLD cables are tough, ultra-flexible, and have a quality build with innovative connectors. 


The SuperFlex GOLD two conductor shielded cable is designed from the inside out to be high in quality, performance, and value.  Every component of the cable itself is carefully chosen with the end goal of creating a tough, flexible, and quiet microphone cable.  Here’s a closer look:

Inner Conductors:

There are two inner conductors, each is constructed of 28 strands of pure bare copper.  These conductors high quality, and extremely flexible.  

Inner Conductor Insulators

The insulator that was chosen to separate the two inner conductor cores is Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC  .  It’s very easy to work with, consistent in OD, and predictable when soldering.  We selected red and blue for the two insulators.

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