0. Loom: 8x XLR(f) - XLR(m) - Premium Extension Snake - 10ft - (Loom Audio)


  • $ 100.00

8 way 3m/10ft XLR Extension Snake Loom - Premium - Numbered XLRs, Robust Fanout

8 Channel XLR 3 meter/10 Foot Extension Snake Loom - Premium Quality - Think Mogami, Whirlwind etc Quality

Model# RSA1-8-3M

Manufacturers Suggested Selling Price $199.99 - save 50%

These XLR cable snakes feature four sets of male-to-female XLR cables assembled into a single, soft and durable, cable jacket. Each XLR connector has a black metal housing, black rubber cable grip-boot with a numbered identifier.  The fanout cables are covered with a heavy duty black braided sheath over the PVC jacket (like used on premium guitar cables) for added durability.  The fanout-multicore cable junction is covered by a molded strain relief - not just heatshrink like most of the competition. 
There are few brands od extension snakes out there of this quality and most are 1.5 to 2 times the price.



Multicore Cable:    MC08 - 8 x shielded and jacketed twisted pairs 25 AWG conductors - 1/2" (12mm) outside diameter

Length:  3m (about 10ft) connector to connector

Identification:  each XLR connector has a number identifier from 1 to 4


  • Wireless microphone racks to mixer
  • Between Rack interconnects
  • Drum Mics to local snake


  • RSA1-4-3M - 4 way/channel 10ft (3m) - $119.99 save 50% now $  600
  • RSA1-12-5M - 12 way (channel) 16.5ft (5m) -$299 save 50% now $150
  • RSA1-16-5M - 16 way (channel) 16.5ft (5m)  $399 save 50% now $200

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