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BEV4 3/16" Omni Flexible Adjustable Length Boom Earset Mic - Cream or Black for most Wireless Systems (Bodymics Broadway)

bodymics Broadway

BEV4 3/16" Omni Flexible Adjustable Length Boom Earset Mic - Cream or Black for most Wireless Systems (Bodymics Broadway)

$ 80.00 $ 199.00


Broadway Series 3/16" Omni Earset - Flexible Adjustable Length Boom, Innovative Soft Earhook that holds securely

Small Super Comfortable Omni Earset to suit Transmitter Packs


  • Available in Cream or Black

  • Discount Schedule:  1-3 - net; , 4-9 less 5%; 10-24 less 10%;  25+ less 15%

  • Quantities of 4 or more may be bulk packed, rather than little self-contained packages
  • our "near invisible" 3/16" diameter microphone housing
  • super low handling noise from cable or movement
  • virtually unbreakable boom
  • adjustable length boom to suit all face sizes and voice styles
  • unbelievably soft earhook grip that holds the earset securely to the ear
  • sweat and water resistant
  • foam windscreen
  • cable clothing clip
Select your preferences (color, wiring and pack quantity):
      • finish:
        • b = black
        • c = cream
      • connector-wiring:
        • -AK (AKG) TA3F
        • -AT (Audio-Technica) Hirose 4 pin
        • -CA (Creative Audio Technology) TA3F
        • -EV (Electro-Voice, Telex) TA4F
        • -AU (Audix, Gemini, Pyle) TA3F
        • -MI (MiPro )custom TA4F with locking ring
        • -NA (Nady, Pyle, Audio2000s) 1/8" mono with locking ring
        • -PV (Peavey, Beyerdynamic) TA4F - latching but no locking ring
        • -R1 (RFdevices U100 1/8" mono with male thread)
        • -GT (RFdevices U400, GTD Audio, Vocopro) TA3F
        • -SA (Samson )TA3F
        • -SE (Sennheiser) 1/8" stereo with locking ring
        • -SH (Shure, CADM JTS, Carvin, Line6) TA4F
        • -VO (VocoPro) TA3F 
      • GearUp2
        • -1  Standard with 1 year warranty
        • -2  add a Spare CD5 Cable for just $20* 
    • Frequency Response:     20Hz-20kHz =/-3dB (improved capsule for 2016)
    • Maximum SPL before Distortion: 125dB
    • Shower & sweat proof sealed capsule design
    • 48" 1.2mm diameter light-medium duty cable
    • 1 year Warranty - Faulty Materials and Workmanship

    The Bodymics Broadway Series BEV4 earset have an Omnidirectional pickup pattern and a flat frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz and weigh about 1/2 ounce.
    The BEV4 is ideal for live performances, broadcast, preaching, teaching, theater etc
    In the package - ?=quantity in pack:
    • BEV4y-ZZ lav in selected color (y), with selected wiring (-ZZ)
    • Foam Windscreen (Pop Filter) - color matched
    • Metal-Rubber Cable Clothing Clip - color matched
    • soft drawstring protective storage pouch or clear plastic zip wallet
    • Instructions

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