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ASP42 - Quad 2 way Antenna Splitter

bodymics Antenna

ASP42 - Quad 2 way Antenna Splitter

$ 129.00 $ 249.99

ASP42 -  1u Quad 2 way Passive Antenna Divider with BNC Connectors
Shallow 1u form factor - only needs about 4" behind other equipment - less compact than BNC version
4x wide-band transformer splitters - suit UHF and VHF - mounted on the panel
Fitted with 4x BNC panel connector on front panel to accept BNC terminated antennas
Comes with 8x 19.5" (500mm) 50ohm BNC-BNC cables 
Use with any wireless systems that use BNC antenna connectors rather than TNC, including:

Bodymics is a US based Manufacturer and 
Distributor of Wireless Microphones Accessories
  • Frequency Range:     150MHz-900MHz 
  • Insertion Loss:  ~3.5dB @150 MHz   ~3.6dB @ 550MHz   ~3.9dB @750MHz
  • (theoretical loss is at least 3dB despite some manufacturers's claims)
  • All fitted on a 19" x 1.75" rack mount panel
  • Needs between 3 and 4" of mounting depth (including connectors)
  • List Price - $379.99      MAP/Street Price - $299.99 
  • 1 year Warranty - Faulty Materials and Workmanship

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