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ATW-R3100/ATW-T310 Bodypack/KE5c-AT Audio-Technica Wireless Earset Mic (ATW3110 ATW-3110C) (Retail)


ATW-R3100/ATW-T310 Bodypack/KE5c-AT Audio-Technica Wireless Earset Mic (ATW3110 ATW-3110C) (Retail)

$ 439.00


  • Three Available Bands - I : 487.125 to 506.500MHz;  C: 541.500 to 566.375MHz;  D: 655.500-680.375MHz
  • ATW-R310b Receiver
  • ATW-T310b Body-Pack Transmitter
  • 1001 Frequencies
  • Switchable Transmitter Output Power

he Audio Technica 3000 Series wireless systems provide reliable, professional UHF technology for the most demanding of applications. The ATW-3110 is a frequency agile, true-diversity body-pack wireless microphone system including the ATW-R310 receiver and ATW-T310 UniPak Transmitter. The absence of a microphone allows users the freedom to choose any of the Audio-Technica UniPak compatible microphones or cables as desired.

The ATW-R310 receiver features frequency adjustable UHF reception, allowing access of up to 200 user selectable channels. Diversity reception allows 2 build-in, independent receivers to relay on a single frequency for the strongest possible reception. The rear panel reveals both unbalanced 1/4" Phone and balanced XLR outputs. A comprehensive back-lit LCD display reveals channel and frequency settings, signal status and transmitter battery status. The receiver also features a ground lift switch, convenient in settings where bad power feeds result in ground hum and noise on the output stage.

The ATW-T310 body-pack transmitter features Audio-Technica's unique UniPak input connector. The input conveniently accepts both line and microphone level signal (adjustable) allowing instrument signal as well as microphone signals. An assortment of compatible microphones and instrument cables are available from Audio-Technica. The light weight transmitter operates on 2-AA Alkaline batteries for up to 6 hours (High) and 8 hours (Low).


Frequency Agile
The system operates on UHF frequencies allowing greater channel selectability and range. The transmitter and receiver feature 200 user selectable channels.
Diversity Reception
The ATW-R310 receiver features dual internal receivers. The receivers relay between each-other, vying for the strongest reception while minimizing noise and signal drop-out.
UniPak Transmitter
Audio-Technica's UniPak transmitter is a body-pack with an input connection designed for low and high impedance signal. This makes the transmitter versatile enough to handle microphone and line level signals.


  • -C    =  Band C  - 541-566MHz
  • -I      =  Band I   - 487-506MHz
  • -D    =  Band D  - 655-680MHz


  • -NO   =  No microphone, just receiver and bodypack transmitter
  • -E      =  Earset
  • -H      =  Headset
  • -L      =  Lavalier


  • -B     =  Bodymics Broadway 3/16" omni capsule microphones
  • -BD   = Broadway Earsets or Headsets with Field Replaceable Cables
  • -DL   =  Bodymics Drury Lane series 1/8" omni capsule earsets, headsets or lavs
  • -GO  =  GoldenVoice series "Countryman style" earsets with 1/8" omni capsules
  • -GV  =  GoldenVoice series earsets with 3/16" diameter cardioid capsules
  • -KO  =  Bodymics Keira series 1/4" omni lavalier
  • -KC  =  Bodymics Keira series 1/2" cardioid lavalier

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